The intergalactic singer songwriter, piano player and LebenslustTV media radio, podcast, presenter man – Bastian Lee Jones is surrounded by his angels. Angelic are people around him – who he shares literally everything with – from a cordial and spiritual point of view. The new music video is on youtube – and the song […]

"When Marnie was there" from Studio Ghibli and the final song by Priscilla Ahn ("Fine on the outside") is covered by Bastian Lee Jones - a track out of his new album "Cinematic Pianosongs - Studio Ghibli Classics" (available on: Amazon: (Pls. klick here to buy: & iTunes: (Pls. klick here to buy: [...]
ime Made in Japan. As soft as a feather - as passionate as a wave - or should one say: As soft as a Totoro, and as strong as the famous Wave of Hokusai (see the sweater)? that´s how Bastian Lee Jones plays the piano. A new album to relax and to dream away, to [...]
GO FOR POSITIVE VIBES - inspiring music & people" Today: after work music, and life hacks: going bare feet & boredom in your relationship. For you: the most beneficial - simply the best lunchtime break from Berlin! This Thursday, the 26th of Octobre 2017, at 2 pm (Berlin time) on Radio Alex-Berlin fm 91.0 and [...]
“GO FOR POSITIVE VIBES” - inspiring music & people Every two weeks you will have the best Berlin lunchtime break radioshow, called “Go for positive vibes”. October the 12th will be the second show at 2 pm till 3 pm on Radio Alex Berlin FM 91.0MHz (Pls. klick on this link and in the internet [...]
Proud to have shot the almost completely self-made first video (from camera to style to post production) of the first movement of the sonata - we can present it to you, on youtube (Pls. click here to watch the new Beethoven "Moonlight Sonata" youtube video. Many thanks). Many thanks to Stephan Humbek, who helped Bastian [...]
The radio show "Bastian - and what else" can be listened on the homepage of (Pls. klick on this link to visit the homepage of - many thanks). It will be broadcasted on Sunday, the 3rd of Septembre at 4 pm. Still - only on stream (pls. choose the right player to listen the [...]
The second radioshow of the day, called  "Bastian - and what else" can be heard on (please click here to enter the homepage and choose the right player to listen to the show, thx.), on Sunday, the 6th of August 2017, at 5.10 pm, online. It is not a live show (usually it takes [...]
The first radioshow of Bastian Lee Jones will be broadcasted on Sunday the 6th of August at 4 pm on (Pls. klick here to listen to the show while entering the radio´s hp and click on the player, thx.!), immediately followed by the 2nd show of him, where the Berlin fashion designer Matthias Maus at [...]
The "vatersprache" single  "Summer Selfie" (Radio Edition) mixed with the Cabriolet Paris Remix of Bastian Lee Jones is available on (Pls. klick on this link to buy the single: The whole two versions, the Radio Edition (produced by René Schostak, Valicon Studio)and the remix (by Steve Brian ft. Jennifer Waves) are separately downloadable and [...]